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05 July 2010 @ 06:53 pm
FarScape Re-Watch episodes 1.07 & 1.08  
Sooo behind on this!!!  Will probably post the next two either tomorrow or Wednesday..

But OMG these are two of my favorite episodes!! Although I do have many favorite episodes ;)

1.07 "PK Tech Girl"

"Confront your demons Rygel, or they will chase you from the shadows to your grave." -Zhaan

D'ARGO: I cannot lie to an opponent in battle.
ZHAAN: It's not lying. Simply mislead them.
D'ARGO: For a priest, you certainly have a very flexible morality!

"I'm a trusting soul at best but, not to a fault." -Zhaan

AERYN: A greeting I will never understand.
CRICHTON: It's kinda all-purpose. You see, it let's the other person decide what they wanna talk about.
AERYN: What if they don't want to talk?
CRICHTON: Then they say `hey' back.

CRICHTON: How can you not feel pain, after what you've been through?
AERYN: Don't presume to understand me, John.

1.08 "That Old Black Magic"

"I am a Delvian Pa'u. Nothing can frighten me if I do not wish it." -Zhaan

LIKO: You can destroy him!
ZHAAN: That's what terrifies me.

AERYN: Zhaan, I feel I must apologize to you for mocking your courage. I see now that you're more of a warrior than I ever thought. (Zhaan walks away) What is the matter with her?
D'ARGO: You called her a warrior. You could not have cut her more deeply.

The episodes are in the order that they were produced, not the order they were aired.

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Jessiy: Farscape = Aeryn = Shooting..Feel Betterstarspank on July 5th, 2010 10:57 pm (UTC)

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